Do Not Stress!


Guess what, Everyone! We have three weeks left of classes and then finals! That is coming up so fast. That also means that projects, papers, and exams are coming up. If you have test anxiety or get nervous when tests come around, make sure to check out the new bulletin board! It is really important to take authority over your mental health and to make certain that your nervousness does not control you during an exam. This is a really important quote that an awesome speaker named Steven Furtick said, “It is all right to feel nervous, but it is not right to be nervous.” When we begin to intertwine how we feel with who we are we begin to associate with our feelings more quickly, which can be dangerous. Have confidence in the next few weeks of classes and crush it.


Cake Walk

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Thank you to those that showed up to Cake Walk!

There were several residents that came, but, unfortunately, no one won. Cake Walk was very fun this semester as the prizes this year were so big! I think someone walked off with a whole dozen of Dunkin Donuts and¬†someone left with a whole pan of Dunk Bars! By the end of the event we were able to raise more then $300.00 for both Southwest Hall and the Humane Society of Grant County. It was such a great time! If you did not make it to this year’s Cake Walk make certain you make it next year. Otherwise, look forward to attending Boxes and Walls this Spring. Boxes and Walls is one of UW-Platteville’s most powerful events in demonstrating and promoting diversity on campus.


Door Decs!


As I was searching on Google, I found some pretty interesting facts about Ice Cream. Apparently, Americans consume the most ice cream around the world with at an average of 48 points consumed per person. Also, last year America consumed 898 million gallons of Ice Cream! That means, Americans could fill, approximately, 1,360 Olympic Size pools with the amount of ice cream they consume on average each year. Wow! That is quite a bit. I also discovered, the tallest ice cream cone ever made was 9 feet tall in Italy. The cone itself weighed around 1.5 tons! Brain freeze for sure! I hope you enjoy your new door decorations and come talk to me if you have any suggestions on future door decorations!



Cake Walk Bake Night


Hello, All!

Thank you to those that helped bake deserts for the Cake Walk event on Wednesday. It was really fun making muffins, caramel brownies, red velvet cake, and a huge cookie! It was also pretty fun watching the Capitals vs. Flames game. I think we also ended the night watching some Top Gear as well. Overall, it was a pretty fun night just spending time with each other and getting to know each other better. I look forward to seeing you all at Cake Walk this Wednesday! Have a great rest of your week!





3 East! Check out the new bulletin board in the Elevator Bay.

The Bulletin Board talks about how each person has a different goal or dream that they would like to achieve in a certain amount of time. What is awesome about this bulletin board is that it shows just how expansive and different each dream is for each different person. One may have a dream to graduate with honors, another may have a dream to start a school, or to travel to a different country. My dream is to one day plant a church or to become a Youth Pastor which is very different from traveling the world. Make sure to add what your dreams are and share them with a roommate or friend to help them keep you accountable or to share some insight about yourself. Have a great rest of your week!


Thank you to everyone that came out to the Drunk Goggles and Mario Kart event! There was a great turnout and a lot of people came! Officer Osborne gave us an awesome talk on some facts about drinking statistics at UWP and even shared some of his personal stories confronting alcohol situations. We had some really insightful conversations, but, I remember Officer Osborne saying that drinking is not bad if it is done properly and legally. While drinking may not be for some people, if it is for you, just remember your limits, the law, and the image you reflect to others. A good rule of thumb that I ask myself is, “if my future employer were next to me right now, would I be doing this?” Otherwise, it was a great event and I hope everyone chooses to drink safely if they do choose to drink. It was a great night and I had a blast with everyone there!

Bulletin Board (In Progress)


Howdy, 3 East!

I was doing some investigating on sustainability in colleges and found some important facts. Apparently, on average, college students create 640 pounds of waste per year in college. At UWP, on average, we contribute up to 1,000,000 pounds of waste as a campus.¬† Yikes. That is quite a bit! So my challenge for you all is this. In what ways can we be more sustainable this week? Could I charge my phone every other day? Could I go to Bridgeway instead of purchasing foods with packaging? Can I begin to recycle? These are all great questions and there is a great start. UWP has a list of everything that they will accept for recycling! Check it out here…

Have a great rest of your week!