Bulletin Board (In Progress)


Howdy, 3 East!

I was doing some investigating on sustainability in colleges and found some important facts. Apparently, on average, college students create 640 pounds of waste per year in college. At UWP, on average, we contribute up to 1,000,000 pounds of waste as a campus.  Yikes. That is quite a bit! So my challenge for you all is this. In what ways can we be more sustainable this week? Could I charge my phone every other day? Could I go to Bridgeway instead of purchasing foods with packaging? Can I begin to recycle? These are all great questions and there is a great start. UWP has a list of everything that they will accept for recycling! Check it out here…https://www.uwplatt.edu/sustainability/recycling

Have a great rest of your week!


Yell Night!

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Thank you to those that came to the Yell Night for Homecoming! Southwest had a lot of great cheers and it was fun seeing the turnout for Homecoming. While we were there a couple of residents were talking about what sports we like to spectate and what sports we prefer. Some preferred golf, others preferred soccer, while others preferred no sports in general! While some people might not make it a priority to make it to every Pioneer Sports event, it was nice to see us try something new. I guess that is how you find out what you do and do not like and what your preferences are.

Stress Ball Event

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Thank you to everyone that made a stress ball! It was a great time to see some of you and talk about stress a little bit. Being that Midterms are near, it is very important to understand that you are more than a grade. You can bounce back. You are not down forever. We often get trapped in that mindset that we are captive to our circumstances, but, you are not. There is a catalyst in your circumstances. Whenever we stress, the most productive thing to do is to check what you are worried about. Where your worry is, your stress lies. We can manage stress by eliminating our worries. A run, Netflix show, or song may take your mind off of the worry for a few minutes, but when you eliminate your worries you truly eliminate your stress.

Door Decs!


I was just making some door decs and I came across some really interesting facts about Pac-Man. My Dad and I were playing this game at a pizza place and my Dad was beating me for most of the game. The ghosts just seem to get me. I decided to do a little bit of research and I learned that the Ghosts actually move in a particular behavior that can help in the game. I discovered that the Ghosts can never reverse in the game ever. That is, which ever way they are coming at you, they can never go back to. The next time you play Pac-Man make sure to remember this tip. It would have probably helped me!

Dress for Success


Hello, Everyone!

If you have not had the chance make sure to check out the new bulletin board in the elevator bay! The bulletin board has great tips on how to dress professionally and what colors can appeal to those you are presenting yourself to. One of the most interesting facts that I saw was that if you want your attire to stand out to your interviewer, try wearing some patterns or bolder colors. Of course, too much accessory may not help, but, adding a little flare can help make your outfit get some attention. If you have anything that helped you, please feel free to share!


Hockey Game

Thank you to those that came out to the UWP Hockey game on Friday. I have never been to a hockey game at UWP yet, but, it was really fun. The Pioneers won 16-4, I believe. On our wing we actually have one hockey player on the team so it was night giving him some support. I remember hearing how physical hockey is, and they were right! There were a few people that took some pretty hard hits. Always remember to drink your milk. Maybe we can make it to the next home game?

Packer Game

Thank you to those that came out for the Packer game last Sunday.

Unfortunately the Packers did not win, but, it was still fun spending time with each other and eating free food! We even had Ethan solving a  Rubiks Cube in less than a minute, something that was so awesome to see. I think we are planning on having a movie night in the future with walking tacos for all that are interested. Have a great rest of your day!