Easter Egg Hunt

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Hey, Everyone!

Welcome back from Spring Break! Since everyone probably had some relaxing over Spring Break, I hope you were able to move around the building and search for some Easter Eggs that were all over. There was also a golden easter egg that had a special prize if it was found. I think in sum there were over 200 eggs scattered around the building and each was filled with candy. I hope you had fun searching for the eggs and I am looking forward to finishing this semester with you all! Have a great rest of your week.


Door Decorations


Hey, everyone.

Check out the new door decorations while you were gone on Spring Break! They happen to be penguins that I guess will represent the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring. When we get back it should be April and that means that we only have six more weeks of classes left! It is so strange to think how fast this semester has been going. Although we only have a few more weeks left, please, finish out to the best of your abilities and make it a great Spring semester. If you need help at all with anything, let me know. Otherwise, have a great few weeks of your 2018 Spring semester.

The Wakling Dead


Hey, All.

I have noticed through some of the conversations (and my observations) with people on the wing that sleep is something we all are searching for! Take a look at some of the results of several studies that examined how imperative sleeping is on health. According to one statistic, one’s life expectancy is harmed with consistent sleep of fewer than five hours. Yikes. Also, mood, productivity, and mental awareness increases significantly with consistent, regular deep sleep. I know I could really use some of that throughout the semester! Check out more of the statistics that are on the bulletin board as there is still material that I haven’t highlighted. Have a great rest of your week and if you have any questions on sleep, please, let me know!


Think before you speak.


Hey, Everyone!

Check out the new hall poster on social media and your career. One of the great things about Social Media is that it provides an outlet to share who we are, but also, some things that we put on Social Media don’t go away. See some examples of people that their jobs over posts on Social Media and how we all may be more connected than we may think. Before you do something that others may see, ask yourself “Would I be doing this if my parents/boss/grandparents/girlfriend/boyfriend were next to me?” Have a great rest of your break, everyone!

Effective No’s


Hey, everyone.


When you get the chance when you come back check out the new bulletin board in the elevator bay! Often in life we say “yes” to so many things and have a hard time saying “no.” In order for us to respect, identify, and maintain these boundaries, we have to be able to give effective “no’s.” As an education student in classrooms, I tell students “no” every day and if I didn’t they would be the ones leading the classroom. When I use “no’s” I make certain that I am confident in the “no’s” I give, I do not apologize inside for saying them, and I always say them with the student’s best interest and my best interest in mine. Without these kinds of  “no’s,” the classroom would not run smoothly. This thinking can be extended to my schedule, my time commitments with others, and whenever I am offered to participate in something. I must always be certain that saying “no” is an option mine if the offering is not in my best interest or their best interest. Check out some great tips on how and when to say “no.”

Board Game Night


Hey, Everyone!

Thank you to those that showed up to the Board Game night! I think we ended up with over 20 different board games and there were more than fifteen people that showed up It was fun seeing how everyone had a difference preference of games that they would like to play and how their personalities showed given the game. Apples to Apples is a pretty fun game and The Resistance is  pretty intense game that showed how some of the people on the wing like to strategize and think. You could see, through the games, which residents had more extroverted, outgoing personalities and those that had more reserved, thoughtful personalities. It was a great night and was a great way to kick off Spring Break!



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Hey, all!

Thank you fo those that came to Bridgeway’s FNC night where we played bingo! There might have been a small representation of 3 East at the event, but, it was still fun! Someone also had a great debate with some others regarding if a bear and a shark attacked each other who would win. Otherwise, it was a great way to have some conversations while winning some surprises, but, no one won…. anyways, it was still a fun time!