Wanna know what eating two bananas a day can do for you? Check out the middle bulletin board, and see what they do. Last one for the year. *hint: they good for you!! 🙂


Taste of the world

Thank you to all the residents who had a taste of the world tonight but going to all floors and trying different foods from different countries and culture. It was great seeing all the residents that walked around and sat and chatted with us. Great way to see what different cultures make and what it taste like, along with playing some great music from the contient that we had. 

Late Night At The Markee

Thanks to everyone who came to late night! It was blast, the balloon comedian was amazing and the free was even better. Balloon animals, jousting, photo booth and some much more. Also, RAs vs resident in mini golf and the RAs take the win!

Star gazing at the M

Had a great night with residents an staff at the M for some star gazing. Some saw some shooting stars while others saw satellites and plants. Clear sky by the end and saw some plants as well.

One love 

Had a great time with our one love program last Thursday. Had about 8 residents show up with allowed for great discussion. This program really allowed people to see cues for relationship abuse. You need to voice how you feel otherwise it will be to late. To see what a healthy relationship really is and is not. We talked about how this just doesn’t apply to heterosexual white couple relationship, I can apply to all races and cultures. There is no set thing for each culture it can happen to everyone and anyone. 

Understanding Headaches

Want to know what type of headache you have, check out the new bulletin board. You can go by location of pain, signs and symptoms and what to do to treat them.