Campus Resources

Looking for some services on campus? Here’s a short list of resources that could come in handy!

Student Health Services: Located in Royce Hall, SHS offers healthcare and counseling services. They also offer affordable birth control and various prescriptions and tests, including free STI testing. Services are free to students, excluding some prescriptions. Set up an appointment by calling (608)-342-1891.

The Doyle Center: Located in Warner Hall and serving as a safe place for all, the Doyle Center promotes diversity, inclusion, and education surrounding gender and sexuality. They offer a safe study place, a nursing station, and many discussions and trainings. Stop in anytime, or for more information call (608)-342-1173.

WATR: Located in Brigham Hall, the Writing and Tutoring Resource Center offers PALs to many classes, one-on-one tutoring placements for less than $2.00 an hour, and a variety of study sessions and writing resources. To set up an appointment, call (608)-342-1615 . Stop by anytime the office is open to request a tutor or discuss employment.

Education Abroad: Located in Royce Hall, the Education Abroad office can assist you in applying and preparing for studying abroad whether it be a short-term, two week trip, or long-term, semester to year.

The Bus System: Students are able to access the bus system, which travels through campus and the city, for free with their student ID. A map can be found here:


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