Packer Game

Thank you to those that came out for the Packer game last Sunday.

Unfortunately the Packers did not win, but, it was still fun spending time with each other and eating free food! We even had Ethan solving a  Rubiks Cube in less than a minute, something that was so awesome to see. I think we are planning on having a movie night in the future with walking tacos for all that are interested. Have a great rest of your day!


Hu Hot

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What a great night we had!

A few of us went down to Hu Hot in Dubuque for dinner. I have only been to Hu Hot once before, but, it is still great! We had a great discussion on what our music tastes were on the way down and what kind of stir-fry sauce we prefer. Some preferred rock music over country music while others preferred spicy stir-fry sauce over sweet. I guess what we all learned is that we all have some differences and they help us make an awesome, diverse community. Thank you for the awesome night, everyone.


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Thank you for coming to Snazzy Ball!

It was a great time having a snazzy, yet social night with each other. Southwest ended winning the whole tournament at the end of the night (great job y’all). I didn’t see too much of the action, but, I can only imagine the people that broke a sweat playing. It has been very hot the last few days and running around in the sand in dress clothes probably gets you working. Thank you to all that came and made it a blast!




Faculty and Fire


Thank you to those that came out to the Faculty and Fire. It was really fun learning some of the geography and nature that is on campus. Dr. Larson took us all on a walk around Memorial Park and showed us how unique the Campus’ nature is. Apparently, Memorial Park holds trees that were planted before the Europeans came over and Dr. Larson gave us proof using the rings of nearby trees. It is also interesting how Memorial Park is home to Wisconsin’s few Oak Prairies. Oak is a very independently growing tree and typically gets “choked” off by Honey Suckle, an invasive forage. Dr. Larson also discussed how goats were brought onto campus this summer and how this practice replicates the effects of burning down a forest, which is good in some cases as invasive species are eliminated. I will give the first person that answers this question a piece of candy: What kind of oak is Platteville known for? You may ask me for help or Dr. Larson in Gardner.


Disc Golf


Thank you to those that went Disc Golfing last Thursday. It was great playing every hole for the first time this year. The weather was awesome, and it was great chatting about hockey, school, church, and many other things. I am hoping to make this a weekly thing. Have a great rest of your day, everyone.

Wing Breakfast


Thank you to those that showed up for the free breakfast on the first day of classes! According to, eating breakfast within two hours of waking up benefits your memory and concentration skills helping you to stay more attentive during the morning. According to the National Health Service, breakfast also helps reduce obesity and high blood pressure as you may not overeat during lunch or dinner, which has negative effects on your appetite. It turns out that breakfast may actually be one of the most important meals of the day. Hope you all had a great first day of classes.

Movie Night


Thank you to those that came to the Movie night! Unfortunately, because of the weather, the outdoor movie was stopped early, but, it was still fun. I guess this shows the importance of checking the weather before you head outside. On a breezy, cool night like this after a humid day, it was probably fairly easy to guess that it would have been raining. Always make sure to dress prepared! Otherwise, I have never seen Guardians of the Galaxy II but I saw the first 20 minutes of it. Maybe we can have another movie night in the MPR with some popcorn and pizza?