Roommates Are Your Friends!


It is getting to that point in the semester when expectations of others and roommate relationships may be changing. This is normal! Before you get upset with your roommates make sure they know of the expectations you maybe didn’t share at the end of last semester, or the new expectations that you have for everyone. Always remember that you should never feel scared or worried to express your concerns with your roommates, that is what friends do. Speak to your RA if you would like to re-do a suitemate agreement or if you have any conflicts with your roommates that cannot reach a resolution. We are here to bring unity to the wing.

Have a great rest of your day, 3 East!




There was a time in my life when I just needed a “restart” from some of the things I had been doing. Poor planning practices, poor budgeting, poor time management, and poor priorities were some things that I really needed to change at that time. Maybe you could be in the position that I was in. I have created a bulletin board that will hopefully help you understand how the process of “restarting” can occur. I am no expert, but, these are just some reflections I had from that time in my life. Restarts are not a bad thing at all, they a natural! They display that you are maturing and would like re-direction. Always, speak to Academic Support Services as they have Academic Coaches that can help you academically and always speak to a free counselor on campus if you would like help in that manner. Also, always know that I am willing to listen if you would like me to. make this semester the best one yet! I am challenging you to do that.

Door Decorations

20180120_175150Check out the new door decorations!

The door decorations are actually painted with water colors. Who would have thought Kindergarten art class would come in handy? Check out your new door decorations on your doors and welcome back to Southwest Hall. I hope you all had a great break!

Dream Big

20180120_164404Hey, everyone!

If you find yourself in the hallway and looking to answer a fun question, check out this question. We all have dreams that may seem impossible to us, but what if what seemed impossible to us could become the possible if we try? Have some fun seeing the different “big” dreams some people have on the wing and shares yours, too! I am challenging you to make the initiative to take this dream of yours and make it a reality!

Stranger Spring

20180120_164016Hey, Everyone! Check out the new bulletin board!

It is a spin off of Stranger Things (“Stranger Spring”). I thought it would be a fun way to welcome you all back and to make some connections to anyone that watches this show. I was not a huge fan of the first season and I had some time over break to watch the second season. I can say I really liked the second season better and am looking forward to the next season. Maybe we can watch some episodes together as a wing, or a different show if you all would prefer? Let me know!



Popping Into The New Semester


Welcome back, Everyone!

I hope everyone had a relaxing break and you are ready to finish this school year strong! You are semester closer to your degrees. I know for me transitioning back to school from break is a little challenging. Well, check out this bulletin board to get some refreshers for getting back into school! Remember, last semester was last semester. There is a victory waiting for you at the end of this semester if you are willing to work for it.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Do Not Stress!


Guess what, Everyone! We have three weeks left of classes and then finals! That is coming up so fast. That also means that projects, papers, and exams are coming up. If you have test anxiety or get nervous when tests come around, make sure to check out the new bulletin board! It is really important to take authority over your mental health and to make certain that your nervousness does not control you during an exam. This is a really important quote that an awesome speaker named Steven Furtick said, “It is all right to feel nervous, but it is not right to be nervous.” When we begin to intertwine how we feel with who we are we begin to associate with our feelings more quickly, which can be dangerous. Have confidence in the next few weeks of classes and crush it.