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Hey, all!

Thank you fo those that came to Bridgeway’s FNC night where we played bingo! There might have been a small representation of 3 East at the event, but, it was still fun! Someone also had a great debate with some others regarding if a bear and a shark attacked each other who would win. Otherwise, it was a great way to have some conversations while winning some surprises, but, no one won….¬†anyways, it was still a fun time!


Radiate Respect


Hey, Everyone!

Check out the new bulletin board in the hallway. It is all about respect! It is so important that we all value respect and respecting each other. This is also an important lifestyle that needs to be developed now and when we launch into our careers. We can never be an effective team without valuing each other, respecting each other, and encouraging each other. This same thinking can be extended to our wing community. We can only be a community when we begin to respect and value each other! Take a few minutes and check out the bulletin board and chat with me if you would like. Have a great rest of your day!


Recycle Bulletin Board

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Hello, everyone!


Check out the new information at the end of the hall on recycling. There are some really interesting facts about recycling that you may have not thought of before. For example, there is a specific word for items that are left plugged in while you are not using them: “zombie drainers.” Our world is a favorite important place and we only have one of it. Let’s try to reduce our impact on it as much as possible and consider greener ways to live, especially when our campus has so many resources to offer on green living. Have a great rest of your week!

Making Smart Choices

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Hey, Everyone!

If you have not had the opportunity, check out the new bulletin board in the Elevator Bay that has a great topic. Many times we may neglect planning and “go with the flow” or we often say “we will cross that bridge when we get there” but, sometimes we need proper planning if we would like to direct where we want to be. Poor planning strategies often leave us in frustration, discontentment, and unfulfilled expectations as our planning could have brought us to a different place than where we are settling. Without planning, we do not have a proper perspective or vision to where we would like to be and we leave ourselves often frustrated because of the situation we are in. But, it could have been our planning beforehand that could have made all the difference. These are just some insights that I pulled from the Bulletin Board. Take the time to check it out and have a great rest of your week!

Healthy Relationships Bulletin Board


Hey, All!

Check out the new bulletin board on some healthy dating facts that may be beneficial for you. I know that when I first started dating my wonderful girlfriend, I would have enjoyed reading these and could have greatly benefitted from them. The purpose of the bulletin board is to help establish the tone that 3 East is against Dating Violence and we value healthy relationships on our wing. This is a part of our “wing identity.” We value relationships with each other on the wing, with those on campus, with those in the community, and with those we may be dating. If you are concerned that someone on the wing may be encountering dating violence, speak up and let them know your concern. Maybe you speaking up could be the voice your friend has been searching for. Approach your RA or approach a counselor with any concerns you have and if you are experiencing dating violence, please, connect with any of the resources listed on the bulletin board or approach me.

Otherwise, have a great rest of your week!



Hey, All!

Thank you to those that made it out to Chinese the other night! It was a really fun night and it was great getting Chinese food as well. One of the things that I really like at Chinese Buffets is the Crab Rangoons. They are so good! I was doing a little thinking about Chinese Buffets and it turns out that you can eat more healthily at them. For example, before filling your first plate at the buffet with your comfort food, eat a plate of salad first. That way, when you come back for seconds you won’t be as inclined to fill your plate up with less healthy food. Secondly, try to skip the sauce! Before you douse your chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce or Soy Sauce, use just a little bit and come back for me if needed. Also, try to grab the brown rice over the white rice. Typically, brown rice has more fiber than white rice and sometimes brown rice has vegetables! If you have any other tips on eating healthy at buffets, please, send me some information and we can chat about it. Otherwise, have a great rest of your weekend, everyone.

Trivia Night


Thank you to all of those that came to the Trivia Night last Wednesday. It seemed like everyone had a great time and the Root Beer Floats were a big hit. I tried to make the questions challenging and there was one¬†question that really stumped me: “What is the proper name of an object that successfully impacts the Earth; Meteor, Meteorite, Meteoroid, or an Asteroid.” I remember learning these in 8th Grade Physical Science, but, I completely forgot the correct answer. I think a few teams may have got this question right… Otherwise, everyone had a great blast and it was fun to work as a team to remember the random facts that you know! Keep an eye out for future trivia dates as it seems this event was liked.