Board Game Night


Hey, Everyone!

Thank you to those that showed up to the Board Game night! I think we ended up with over 20 different board games and there were more than fifteen people that showed up It was fun seeing how everyone had a difference preference of games that they would like to play and how their personalities showed given the game. Apples to Apples is a pretty fun game and The Resistance is  pretty intense game that showed how some of the people on the wing like to strategize and think. You could see, through the games, which residents had more extroverted, outgoing personalities and those that had more reserved, thoughtful personalities. It was a great night and was a great way to kick off Spring Break!





3 East! Check out the new bulletin board in the Elevator Bay.

The Bulletin Board talks about how each person has a different goal or dream that they would like to achieve in a certain amount of time. What is awesome about this bulletin board is that it shows just how expansive and different each dream is for each different person. One may have a dream to graduate with honors, another may have a dream to start a school, or to travel to a different country. My dream is to one day plant a church or to become a Youth Pastor which is very different from traveling the world. Make sure to add what your dreams are and share them with a roommate or friend to help them keep you accountable or to share some insight about yourself. Have a great rest of your week!

Hu Hot

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What a great night we had!

A few of us went down to Hu Hot in Dubuque for dinner. I have only been to Hu Hot once before, but, it is still great! We had a great discussion on what our music tastes were on the way down and what kind of stir-fry sauce we prefer. Some preferred rock music over country music while others preferred spicy stir-fry sauce over sweet. I guess what we all learned is that we all have some differences and they help us make an awesome, diverse community. Thank you for the awesome night, everyone.

Taste of the world

Thank you to all the residents who had a taste of the world tonight but going to all floors and trying different foods from different countries and culture. It was great seeing all the residents that walked around and sat and chatted with us. Great way to see what different cultures make and what it taste like, along with playing some great music from the contient that we had. 

One love 

Had a great time with our one love program last Thursday. Had about 8 residents show up with allowed for great discussion. This program really allowed people to see cues for relationship abuse. You need to voice how you feel otherwise it will be to late. To see what a healthy relationship really is and is not. We talked about how this just doesn’t apply to heterosexual white couple relationship, I can apply to all races and cultures. There is no set thing for each culture it can happen to everyone and anyone. 

Rainbow pancake social!!

This last Sunday we had a blast doing rainbow pancakes! They turned out amazing! Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed them! We got to learn so much every individual who showed up! Great way to interact the whole wing together and starting connecting bridges on both wings!