Easter Egg Hunt

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Hey, Everyone!

Welcome back from Spring Break! Since everyone probably had some relaxing over Spring Break, I hope you were able to move around the building and search for some Easter Eggs that were all over. There was also a golden easter egg that had a special prize if it was found. I think in sum there were over 200 eggs scattered around the building and each was filled with candy. I hope you had fun searching for the eggs and I am looking forward to finishing this semester with you all! Have a great rest of your week.


The Wakling Dead


Hey, All.

I have noticed through some of the conversations (and my observations) with people on the wing that sleep is something we all are searching for! Take a look at some of the results of several studies that examined how imperative sleeping is on health. According to one statistic, one’s life expectancy is harmed with consistent sleep of fewer than five hours. Yikes. Also, mood, productivity, and mental awareness increases significantly with consistent, regular deep sleep. I know I could really use some of that throughout the semester! Check out more of the statistics that are on the bulletin board as there is still material that I haven’t highlighted. Have a great rest of your week and if you have any questions on sleep, please, let me know!


Making Smart Choices

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Hey, Everyone!

If you have not had the opportunity, check out the new bulletin board in the Elevator Bay that has a great topic. Many times we may neglect planning and “go with the flow” or we often say “we will cross that bridge when we get there” but, sometimes we need proper planning if we would like to direct where we want to be. Poor planning strategies often leave us in frustration, discontentment, and unfulfilled expectations as our planning could have brought us to a different place than where we are settling. Without planning, we do not have a proper perspective or vision to where we would like to be and we leave ourselves often frustrated because of the situation we are in. But, it could have been our planning beforehand that could have made all the difference. These are just some insights that I pulled from the Bulletin Board. Take the time to check it out and have a great rest of your week!



Hey, All!

Thank you to those that made it out to Chinese the other night! It was a really fun night and it was great getting Chinese food as well. One of the things that I really like at Chinese Buffets is the Crab Rangoons. They are so good! I was doing a little thinking about Chinese Buffets and it turns out that you can eat more healthily at them. For example, before filling your first plate at the buffet with your comfort food, eat a plate of salad first. That way, when you come back for seconds you won’t be as inclined to fill your plate up with less healthy food. Secondly, try to skip the sauce! Before you douse your chicken with Sweet and Sour Sauce or Soy Sauce, use just a little bit and come back for me if needed. Also, try to grab the brown rice over the white rice. Typically, brown rice has more fiber than white rice and sometimes brown rice has vegetables! If you have any other tips on eating healthy at buffets, please, send me some information and we can chat about it. Otherwise, have a great rest of your weekend, everyone.


Hockey Game

Thank you to those that came out to the UWP Hockey game on Friday. I have never been to a hockey game at UWP yet, but, it was really fun. The Pioneers won 16-4, I believe. On our wing we actually have one hockey player on the team so it was night giving him some support. I remember hearing how physical hockey is, and they were right! There were a few people that took some pretty hard hits. Always remember to drink your milk. Maybe we can make it to the next home game?

Wing Breakfast


Thank you to those that showed up for the free breakfast on the first day of classes! According to shakeupyourwakeup.com, eating breakfast within two hours of waking up benefits your memory and concentration skills helping you to stay more attentive during the morning. According to the National Health Service, breakfast also helps reduce obesity and high blood pressure as you may not overeat during lunch or dinner, which has negative effects on your appetite. It turns out that breakfast may actually be one of the most important meals of the day. Hope you all had a great first day of classes.

Bridge Fest


Thank you to all that came with the Southwest Staff team to Bridge Fest, right outside of the building. It was an awesome time learning more about the community and having some fun with FourSquare. Who would have thought that playing a game from elementary school could be so much fun? Jake and I had a great time meeting other people from around campus and broke a sweat playing. While Jake and I were chatting, I kept thinking about the importance of staying healthy throughout the semester. I tend to get really busy throughout the semester, but, it is important to get some exercise when classes start up.