Hockey Game

Thank you to those that came out to the UWP Hockey game on Friday. I have never been to a hockey game at UWP yet, but, it was really fun. The Pioneers won 16-4, I believe. On our wing we actually have one hockey player on the team so it was night giving him some support. I remember hearing how physical hockey is, and they were right! There were a few people that took some pretty hard hits. Always remember to drink your milk. Maybe we can make it to the next home game?


Wing Breakfast


Thank you to those that showed up for the free breakfast on the first day of classes! According to, eating breakfast within two hours of waking up benefits your memory and concentration skills helping you to stay more attentive during the morning. According to the National Health Service, breakfast also helps reduce obesity and high blood pressure as you may not overeat during lunch or dinner, which has negative effects on your appetite. It turns out that breakfast may actually be one of the most important meals of the day. Hope you all had a great first day of classes.

Bridge Fest


Thank you to all that came with the Southwest Staff team to Bridge Fest, right outside of the building. It was an awesome time learning more about the community and having some fun with FourSquare. Who would have thought that playing a game from elementary school could be so much fun? Jake and I had a great time meeting other people from around campus and broke a sweat playing. While Jake and I were chatting, I kept thinking about the importance of staying healthy throughout the semester. I tend to get really busy throughout the semester, but, it is important to get some exercise when classes start up.

Emotional Health


Emotional Health is very important and I could talk about this topic for a while. It is always important to be in a healthy mental state and to be aware of one’s mental health. Anxiety is something I used to be a prisoner to, but I am free. An awesome speaker, Steven Furtick, once said that Anxiety is a thought-rut that wants you to believe there exists only one way to think about a situation. Faith tells me that I am not a prisoner to anything outside of Truth. Furtick also said, “You can only live as well as your thought life.” If you ever would like to speak about mental health or would like to share how you feel, I am always willing to listen. In addition, always make certain to utilize University Counseling Services, they have an awesome team that keeps all of their information confidential and are available until 8:00 on nights.

I also came across this Bible verse, ” I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.” I am no longer a prisoner to doubtful thoughts.

Door Decs


While our Wing Theme is fair food and watermelon sort of fits, watermelon has some awesome health benefits. I just did a quick Google search, and Watermelon helps with the digestion process due to its high water content and fiber content. Watermelon also has a decent amount of Vitamin C making it healthy for your immune system. Lastly, Watermelon has amino acids which apparently help relieve muscle soreness. Next time make sure to grab some watermelon at Stations.


Wanna know what eating two bananas a day can do for you? Check out the middle bulletin board, and see what they do. Last one for the year. *hint: they good for you!! 🙂

Late Night At The Markee

Thanks to everyone who came to late night! It was blast, the balloon comedian was amazing and the free was even better. Balloon animals, jousting, photo booth and some much more. Also, RAs vs resident in mini golf and the RAs take the win!