Wing Dinner

Thank you to Nich, Michaela, Jake, and Nick that came out to dinner tonight. It was great getting to know each other a little better and get comfortable with campus. Michaela and Nich work at the Campus Radio station and told us all about working there. It seemed that the Campus Radio really likes rock music and made an effort to share their music interests with us. We also had an opportunity to share ours. Maybe Michaela and Nich can let us tour the campus radio station?


RA Quiz


Looking for something to do before the semester starts? Get to know your RAs and Southwest Hall staff by taking a get-to-know-me quiz of the RAs. Search the other “About Me” bulletin boards of the RAs in the building and complete the quiz with the correct answers, return the quiz to me, and if you are correct, you will get a prize! If you read this post and recite it, you will receive one free response.

3 East Fair


Welcome all to the 3 East County Fair!

Our building theme for this year is the county fair and our wings theme is Fair Food. To get to know each other’s food preferences at fairs, our bulletin board lets your pick which sweet you would rather have at a fair. Your choices are Funnel Cakes, Monkey Tails, or Elephant Ears- it’s a hard choice. Compare your results with each other and even talk about what fair foods you enjoy. Cheese Curds is definitely up there for me.

Get To Know Me


Get to know Zach and I – the RAs of 3rd Floor. We are really looking forward to an awesome year with you all and making a great community. Community can only be made with a common effort so we hope you are excited as well to complete another year of your time at UW-Platteville with us. Make sure to remember some facts about the RAs as there may be an optional quiz about them and the winner may get a prize. Have a great rest of your week, 3 East.



Wing Scheduler


Tired of going to events alone, or would like a study partner to study with? Then let the wing know by adding to the Wing Schedule. Before you head out to work out, get dinner, study on campus or are doing something, take a post-it note and place the post-it note with your contact info on the desired date and time others can join you. Post-it notes will be removed on Sunday nights and the schedule is available to anyone on the wing. I hope this can help us keep better updated on what is happening on the wing.