Lord of the Rings


Thank you to those that made it out to the Lord of the Rings last night. It was fun eating some tacos and watching the extended edition! I have only seen the original movies and it was really interesting seeing exactly what was left out of the original movies when compared to the extended editions. It was kind of fun guessing the movie quotes as the movie progressed also. Brett was crushing it with the movie quotes!

Have a great rest of your week, everyone!




Roommates Are Your Friends!


It is getting to that point in the semester when expectations of others and roommate relationships may be changing. This is normal! Before you get upset with your roommates make sure they know of the expectations you maybe didn’t share at the end of last semester, or the new expectations that you have for everyone. Always remember that you should never feel scared or worried to express your concerns with your roommates, that is what friends do. Speak to your RA if you would like to re-do a suitemate agreement or if you have any conflicts with your roommates that cannot reach a resolution. We are here to bring unity to the wing.

Have a great rest of your day, 3 East!

Door Decorations

20180120_175150Check out the new door decorations!

The door decorations are actually painted with water colors. Who would have thought Kindergarten art class would come in handy? Check out your new door decorations on your doors and welcome back to Southwest Hall. I hope you all had a great break!

Dream Big

20180120_164404Hey, everyone!

If you find yourself in the hallway and looking to answer a fun question, check out this question. We all have dreams that may seem impossible to us, but what if what seemed impossible to us could become the possible if we try? Have some fun seeing the different “big” dreams some people have on the wing and shares yours, too! I am challenging you to make the initiative to take this dream of yours and make it a reality!

Stranger Spring

20180120_164016Hey, Everyone! Check out the new bulletin board!

It is a spin off of Stranger Things (“Stranger Spring”). I thought it would be a fun way to welcome you all back and to make some connections to anyone that watches this show. I was not a huge fan of the first season and I had some time over break to watch the second season. I can say I really liked the second season better and am looking forward to the next season. Maybe we can watch some episodes together as a wing, or a different show if you all would prefer? Let me know!



Cake Walk

Image result for southwest hall cake walk

Thank you to those that showed up to Cake Walk!

There were several residents that came, but, unfortunately, no one won. Cake Walk was very fun this semester as the prizes this year were so big! I think someone walked off with a whole dozen of Dunkin Donuts and someone left with a whole pan of Dunk Bars! By the end of the event we were able to raise more then $300.00 for both Southwest Hall and the Humane Society of Grant County. It was such a great time! If you did not make it to this year’s Cake Walk make certain you make it next year. Otherwise, look forward to attending Boxes and Walls this Spring. Boxes and Walls is one of UW-Platteville’s most powerful events in demonstrating and promoting diversity on campus.


Cake Walk Bake Night


Hello, All!

Thank you to those that helped bake deserts for the Cake Walk event on Wednesday. It was really fun making muffins, caramel brownies, red velvet cake, and a huge cookie! It was also pretty fun watching the Capitals vs. Flames game. I think we also ended the night watching some Top Gear as well. Overall, it was a pretty fun night just spending time with each other and getting to know each other better. I look forward to seeing you all at Cake Walk this Wednesday! Have a great rest of your week!