Cake Walk

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Thank you to those that showed up to Cake Walk!

There were several residents that came, but, unfortunately, no one won. Cake Walk was very fun this semester as the prizes this year were so big! I think someone walked off with a whole dozen of Dunkin Donuts and someone left with a whole pan of Dunk Bars! By the end of the event we were able to raise more then $300.00 for both Southwest Hall and the Humane Society of Grant County. It was such a great time! If you did not make it to this year’s Cake Walk make certain you make it next year. Otherwise, look forward to attending Boxes and Walls this Spring. Boxes and Walls is one of UW-Platteville’s most powerful events in demonstrating and promoting diversity on campus.



Cake Walk Bake Night


Hello, All!

Thank you to those that helped bake deserts for the Cake Walk event on Wednesday. It was really fun making muffins, caramel brownies, red velvet cake, and a huge cookie! It was also pretty fun watching the Capitals vs. Flames game. I think we also ended the night watching some Top Gear as well. Overall, it was a pretty fun night just spending time with each other and getting to know each other better. I look forward to seeing you all at Cake Walk this Wednesday! Have a great rest of your week!



Packer Game

Thank you to those that came out for the Packer game last Sunday.

Unfortunately the Packers did not win, but, it was still fun spending time with each other and eating free food! We even had Ethan solving a  Rubiks Cube in less than a minute, something that was so awesome to see. I think we are planning on having a movie night in the future with walking tacos for all that are interested. Have a great rest of your day!

Star gazing at the M

Had a great night with residents an staff at the M for some star gazing. Some saw some shooting stars while others saw satellites and plants. Clear sky by the end and saw some plants as well.

Let the Series begin!

The Hobbit/Lord of the rings movie marathon has begun! All over the hall you can find times of when each movie begins and which movie it will be! Come on down to the MPR or lobby and have a great time! 

Board Games and Video Games!!

Tonight’s the night! Come on over to suite 305 from 8-10pm and play some great video games and board games. Great way to relieve stress after a long week of testing and doing homework. Plus great way to interact with those of the wing and find come interest among each other! Build those bridges!

Super bowl party!!!

Had a blast at the Super Bowl party!!  Great to see all the faces who showed to hang out with us and eat pizza! It was a great game even if the falcons didn’t win! The patriots had a great come back.